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        Manufacturing concept introduction


        SMB model has been adopted by the company for entire product manufacturing system. The vehicle production is pyramidal structure (see picture 1). PP-Primary Part-- CM-Sub Assembly-- M-Movement-- PM-Family—Vehicle. In the whole manufacturing process, Modularization pre –assembly and the assembly line greatly shortened the production period and promoted output.



        Modularization manufacture is production and preassembly for thousands of small parts of the vehicle before final assembly based on the integration of design. For example, underframe equipment module, toilet module, electric locker module and drive desk module, and etc.


        During the process of modularization manufacture, the appointed facility is equipped in the appointed station. The layout is defined reasonably according to the production duration of parts and assembly line. In case of Under-frame module producing (CRH1 205km/h), the module design is considered fully at the beginning of concept design. All the sub-assembly parts, equipments, cabling, piping…etc are emerged into one module. Before module connecting to car-body, all the pre-assembly work and some necessary testing will be completed, except leaving the interface points to car-body. At last, the whole Under-frame module shall be connected to car-body at the Final-assembly Station. Modularization manufacture greatly shortened the work time of Final-assembly station and improved production capacity.


        Advantage of module manufacture:

        · Work hours of final assembly will be reduced by small lot production.

        · Emergency capacity will be improved by proper stocks.

        · Good for production activity arrangement and management.

        · Efficient and optimized resources utilization

        · Pointed quality control and product quality improvement.


        Production Line: Based on the design, production resources and capacity, design reasonable and optimized assembly stations to realize vehicle manufactue. In case of final assembly of CRH1, there are 8 stations in total, which can realize the production capacity of 1 car/day.




        Advantage of production line:

        · Production runs smoothly by equilibrium distribution of stations

        · Higher production efficiency and capacity

        · Better quality control

        · Try the best to use production resources


        In brief, modularization manufacture and production line are more and more mature. There are 3 production lines in BST, which can reach the production capacity of 3 cars per day. There will be 4 production lines in the future, which can reach the production capacity of 4 cars per day.


        Fabrication technology management


        A reasonable and effective fabrication technology played an important role in product quality and resources utilization. Its function is produce satisfied products for clients based on design. Fabrication technology of BST is a effective and strict management mode base on SMB. There are some phases to build the fabrication technology: plan-set down-verify-improve-perfect.


        · Plan: Starting from project setup, difine general manufacture strategy, job description for each station, Doc 6# and layout of production plant according to analysis of data and contract requirement. Define Doc 16# (First vehcile manufacturing schedule).

        · Set-down: MET engineers will participate in concept design, confirmation on operation analysis and machining capacity for vehicle design, assist ENG people to define feasible concept design, and Preliminary Design Review. During detailed design, participate in discussion for detailed proposal and detailed design review.