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        A4 maintenance for 200km/h 8-car trainset

        Number of visits: Date:2012-02-16

        A4 maintenance for the 40 200km/h 8-car trainsets (contract for 790 project) will be carried out in 2012.

        A4 maintenance is an overhaul to be carried out after trainset first operation with a running mileage of 2400000km or of 5 years. It mainly involves in the inspection and repair of couplers, front hatch opening and closing mechanisms, bogies, propulsion power supply systems, air supply and air brake systems, HVACs, water supply and water discharge systems, and train control and communication systems. This maintenance refers to the disassembly inspection and repair to be performed before A5 maintenance on the main parts possibly affecting the vehicle operation safety due to their deteriorated performance during train run.

        This maintenance is scheduled to start from Feb 15, 2012.

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