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        2011 Annual Emergency Rescue and Fire Drilling

        Number of visits: Date:2011-11-11

        From 11:00 to 12:00 on Nov. 11th, 2011, 20 first aid personnel from different departments as well as 60 employees took part into the 2011 annual emergency rescue and fire drilling in new plant.

        During the drilling, first aid personnel from carbody, bogie and workshop engineering departments performed head hemostasis and enswathe, arm fracture and fixation, calf fracture and fixation, facility litter execution etc. Involved personnel utilize various onsite medicine and equipments for emergency proposal, not only mastered jellaba style and headgear style head enswathe method, big and small hanging fixation method for arm, leg plywood fixation and sinew fixation method etc, but also showed corresponding moving methods for different injury personnel in combination of actual emergency rescue cases.

        The main content of fire drilling contains how to extinguish the incipient fire and the correct application method of fire extinguisher. The involved people are mainly from new staff, security guards and undergraduates recruited in 2010. They carefully listened to the explanation from security personnel, and then divided into 12 groups to perform practical fire fighting drilling with powder fire extinguisher.

        Through this drilling, first aid personnel’s rescuing skill and staff’s basic fire fighting knowledge, as well as their application skill of fire fighting equipment are obviously improved and achieves preset objective.


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