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        CRH380D Bogie Batch Production

        Number of visits: Date:2011-09-16

        Bogie of CRH380D started trial-manufacture since May of 2010. Under the effort of both BST and BT, motor and trailer bogies have passed MoR’s acceptance inspection on July 29th, 2011 and put into batch production, which fills up the blank area on welding frame manufacture.

        Currently, bogie assembly production is ongoing intensely and orderly. The first trainset’s bogies have been delivered to 798 final assembly workshop in the end of Sep. The open items proposed during FAI with MoR are in progress with the hope of passing the acceptance inspection as soon as possible.

        Features of CRH380D bogie:

         Optimized wheelset design, and improved security
         Traction rod instead of Z type rod, simplified draw gear 
         The number of yaw dampers is decreased, which simplified frame structure and reduced manufacturing, operating and maintaining cost.
         Added instability monitoring system, and increased security and reliability.

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