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        • Name: 200kmh EMU-Coach
        • NO.: 200kmh EMU-Coach

        Key factors of project
         Customer Guangzhou Railway Group Corporation (20 trainsets)
        Guangshen Railway Co. Ltd. (20 trainsets)
         Contract signing 12 Oct. 2004,20 trainsets
        30 May 2005,20 trainsets
         Operation start 1 Feb. 2007
         Quantity 40 trainsets
         Main running lines Guangzhou-Shenzhen, Shanghai-Xuzhou, Shanghai-Hangzhou, Hangzhou-Nanjing, Shanghai-Nanchang, Shanghai-Changsha-Wuchang, Nanchang-Hangzhou etc.
         Car type 1st class coach, 2nd class coach, bistro & seating combined car
         Train composition 8 cars (5M+3T) per train
         Reference car Bombardier Regina for Swedish railway

        Train composition


        Main technical data

        Train composition

        8-car train, two trains can be coupled in operation

        Power configuration


        Car type

        1st class coach, 2nd class coach, bistro & seating combined car

        Passenger capacity

        670 seats

        Seat arrangement

        2+2 in 1st class coach,  2+3 in 2nd class coach

        Running speed


        Adaptable platform height




        Traction power


        Carbody material

        Stainless steel

        Carbody dimension

        26950(head car) L /26600(intermediate car) L*3328W*4040H mm


        Bolsterless bogie with air bag

        Traction converter

        IGBT water cooling VVVF


        Generative brake  + direct-acting EP brake

        Emergency brake distance (at 200km/h initial velocity)

        ≤2000 m

        Line voltage

        AC25kV – 50Hz

        Auxiliary power supply

        3-phase AC380V 50Hz,DC110V


        On board distributed computer network system,
        in compliance with IEC61375(TCN) standard


        ≤ 64dBA for 1st  class coach
        ≤ 64 dBA for  2nd class coach

        1st class coach


        2nd class coach


        Bistro & seating combined car


        Dining area Bar area